How a Security Guard Company Helped Me Get My Life Back

Some people have the misconception that security guards don’t really do all that much, but I’d like to tell you my story. My name is Laura and I live in Minneapolis. I thought that I was just getting my life started and I was so excited to be doing exactly that. I’m originally from Los Angeles, but decided that I wanted to go to college in Minneapolis. I know a lot of people might be wondering why someone from LA would make the decision to move to a place like Minneapolis. It always seems to be cold and there aren’t exactly a lot of opportunities for the things that most people associate with life in LA. There’s no big nightlife, at least not in comparison to my hometown. In fact, when compared to Los Angeles, Minneapolis seems relatively obscure. Perhaps that’s exactly what attracted me to it. At any rate, I decided to move here to go to school and I landed the job of my dreams shortly after graduating. I also met the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.

Things Don’t Always Go as Planned

Unfortunately, we hadn’t been together more than six months when I started to see a very different side of my boyfriend Ralph. It was confusing at first. The man that had always seemed caring and gentle suddenly seemed to have a temper that he couldn’t control. He’d get mad at the slightest little thing and when he did, it was never fun to be anywhere near him. It started with a lot of yelling and then progressed to throwing things.

Eventually, he hit me. By the time it was all said and done, he was threatening me, telling me that if I ever left him he would not only kill me, but go after my family.

By the time I realized that I was in the grips of someone who was a psychopath, I was scared it was too late to do anything about it. Threatening me was one thing but threatening the people that I love was something entirely different. I didn’t know what to do. For a time, I stayed with him, trying to please him in the hopes that doing so would keep my loved ones safe. I thought that if I did everything just the way he wanted it, things might be okay. I should have known that would never work.

Finding Help

Security Guards Helped Me Out

I had no idea where to turn but a friend turned me on to an agency that uses security guards and private investigators to help people like me. I was scared, but I reached out and I’m glad I did because it changed my life. They were able to help me by working behind the scenes in order to find out information that I simply didn’t know how to get a hold of.

As it turns out, I wasn’t the first person that Ralph had done this to.

I’d suspected that was the case, but I had no way of proving it. They did. They found the information that they needed and they worked to bring a case against Ralph with photographic evidence and even some audio recordings of his interactions with me and others. When they had enough evidence, they took it to the police. The next thing I knew, Ralph was being investigated for a number of issues and eventually, he found himself behind bars.

Reclaiming My Life

As you might imagine, it took some time to get past everything that happened. It wasn’t like I just flipped a switch and everything was back to normal again. I was terrified that Ralph would do something before he was arrested and I still have moments where I’m scared that he’ll find me or my loved ones and do something once he gets out. That said, I had the opportunity to get away from him. In doing so, I made sure that my family knew that he had threatened them so that they too would have the opportunity to make educated decisions about their lives moving forward. I won’t say that I’m completely without fear, but I do have the opportunity to reclaim my life. That’s something that I didn’t think I would ever have again. I wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for the security guards and private investigators that helped me when I needed it the most.

Next time you think security guards are just rent-a-cops who don’t really do anything, remember my story. Every one of them worked tirelessly on my case and because of that, I have the chance to do everything that I always dreamed of doing without looking over my shoulder at every turn.